SurfaPore FX

Fixing liquid for stabilizing and repairing loose and worn building surfaces

SurfaPore FX WB is an innovative hybrid nanomaterial for enhancing the mechanical properties and stabilizing loose and worn building surfaces. It is applied on sensitive surfaces to enhance abrasion resistance.


SurfaPore FX is a water based suspension with functionalized nanoparticles with penetration depth that can reach more than 20mm (porous sandstone). After application nanoparticles chemically attach on the application surface and covalently interconnect with each other. Therefore, they form a dense network, enhancing the mechanical properties of the worn or deteriorated surfaces. As the active ingredient is also inorganic, SurfaPore FX exhibits strong chemical affinity with building materials. The nanoparticles do not seal the pores but support the "walls" or cracks of the worn substrate and thus natural appearance, water vapour permeability and porosity of the treated surfaces remain unaffected. SurfaPore FX creates a consistent surface with increased mechanical strength and durability. 


Stucco, render, plaster, cementitious materials, sand and porous stone, marbles, clay based tiles


Application: Remove any dust, flaking or loose surface material. The application surface has to be dry and clean. Shake the SurfaPore FX WB container well before use. No dilution is required. Apply by using a brush, a roller or airless spray gun. On very absorptive or worn surfaces re-apply after 15 minutes. Suggested application temperature is 5-35οC. Test results on a small area before full scale application.

Drying time/Curing time: Touch dry time is 30 minutes, depending on the relative humidity level and temperature. Maximum SurfaPore FX WB performance is achieved 30 days post application.

Consumption rate: Estimated consumption rate 6-8 m²/L, strongly dependant on the properties of the surface applied.

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