SurfaPaint Kirei

Self-cleaning & deodorizing cool paint

Inspired by the Japanese word Kirei that sumultaneously means clean and beautiful, SurfaPaint Kirei is a functional and intelligent paint that has the ability to clean itself, remaining as new. Dirt, bacteria, fungi and mould are decomposed to carbon dioxide and inorganic material just by the energy of light. 


SurfaPaint Kirei is a photocatalytic cool paint with self-cleaning properties. When applied on exterior surfaces SurfaPaint Kirei decomposes organic stains, pollution and prevents mould growth and reflects more than 94% of the incident InfraRed (IR) radiation, saving energy and reducing building heating/cooling costs. Reflectance values are further enhanced by the photocatalytic, self-cleaning effect and remain unchanged for a longer period of time when compared to a conventional paint as it is a weather resistant paint with exceptional coverage, opacity and resistance to UV radiation. Therefore, the original, fresh look of a newly-painted surface remains long after application. When SurfaPaint Kirei is applied on interior surfaces, artificial light activates it and sterilizes airborne or surface-bound microorganisms, deodorizes and improves indoor air quality. The paint is white and can be tinted as pal colour (preferably with inorganic dyes). SurfaPaint Kirei is a Cool Coating, certified by the European Cool Roofs Council (ECRC).


Exterior or interior wall surfaces: masonry, concrete, plaster, drywalls, and wherever emulsion paints are applied.


Applicability: SurfaPaint Kirei can be applied directly on interior or exterior wall surfaces (masonry, concrete, plaster, drywalls), and wherever water based, acrylic paints are applied. New substrates from cement or masonry should have cured for more than 3-4 weeks before primer application. For better results apply SurfaMix P as a primer. Adverse conditions during or immediately after application may affect the coating's properties.

Preparation: Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry prior to application. Remove any dust and dirt.

Application note: Stir well before application. Do not dilute for bridging gaps and hairline cracks of up to 0,5 mm. For cracks bigger that 1mm, fill the gap with a suitable putty. If thinning is required add up to 10% water by volume. Application temperature should be between 8 - 35oC. Apply 2-3 even coats using a good quality brush, roller or by spraying with a tip of a diameter 1,4mm or more. Do not over-brush. Ensure corners and edges are adequately covered. Additional coats should be applied 4-6 hours after the previous application.

Spreading Rate: 10-12 m²/L.

Drying Time: Typically 1 hour depending upon coat thickness. Low temperatures and high humidity will lengthen drying times.


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