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Water-Proofing & Protection
SurfaPore® C 
SurfaPore® R 
SurfaPore® T 
SurfaPore® M 
SurfaPore® W 
SurfaPore® F 
SurfaPaint & ThermoDry®
Thermal Insulation with Paints
A Nano and Micro-technology solution that transforms paints into thermal insulating and water repelling. Offered as an additive or integrated in our SurfaPaints ThermoDry for interior and exterior use, roofs or metals. more
Cleaning & Restoration
DeSalin® C 
DeSalin® K 
DeSalin® T 
DeSalin® AM 
SurfaMix C®
Cementitious Mix Additive
SurfaMix C is a latex-free admixture for cementitious mortars, grouts, renders and plasters that enhances bonding and elasticity while reducing cracking and shrinkage. more
Self-Cleaning Nanotechnology
SSC SurfaShield products transform surfaces into self-cleaning and self-sterilizing. SurfaShield coated surfaces efficiently decompose organic stains, bacteria, mould, gaseous pollutants, even odours. more
SurfaGuard Metals®
Anticorrosion of Metals
SSC SurfaGuard Metals is a water-based, anticorrosion nano formulation. It passivates the surface and creates a 3D nanoparticle layer that prevents corrosive agents from reacting with the metal. more
ISO The company ensures the quality of its final products by certifying all procedures and production process and by applying ISO 9001:2008 and the 14001:2004 environmental management system.
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